I Can Now Manage the Kids’ Carpools Without Having Heart Failure! – Annie, Florida

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If you're anything like us, you probably spend half your day carpooling your children (and your children's friends) to and from school, afterschool activities, parties, and more. Coordinating with the other parents and communicating with everyone – especially during an emergency –  can be very stressful and frustrating. One afternoon, on her way to picking up the kids from school, my wife experienced “The Perfect Storm”: traffic was at a standstill, it began to rain, and no one else  in the carpool was available to help out! After 30 minutes frantically calling and texting around, she finally found a substitute and got 10 new gray hairs. That very night, the idea for KarPooler™ was born!


KarPooler™ is the only iPhone app that lets you:


   * Communicate instantly and simultaneously with the other adults and kids in the carpool in case of emergencies (i.e.: delays, change of driver, bad weather –change of pick up location);

   * Notify the other adults with the push of a single button that their child has been dropped off safely at the predetermined location – this is so important for parents who work and want to keep close tabs on their kids!

   * Organize all your carpool contacts (adults and children) by grouping them in individual KarPool listings. You can enter the information manually or directly from your Address Book. Each child in the carpool is linked to his or her responsible adult(s) with their contact info.    


Every communication with the children in the carpool is automatically copied to their responsible adults!


Curious? Try KarPooler™ for free and see how it makes your life a little easier and saves you time and aggravation. When you upgrade for only $0.99, KarPooler™ lets you create unlimited Karpools so you can organize all your groups. It's also perfect for little league coaches, PTAs, book clubs…even at work!  


See KarPooler™ in action. Click Here!

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